Maintaining a safe, healthy environment for individuals exposed to animals.

The Animal Exposure Occupational Health and Safety Program is a part of Oregon State's animal handling program. The program is based on risk assessment and mitigation and includes risk monitoring as outlined in the OSU Animal Exposure Procedure.

Participation in this program is mandatory for all individuals involved in animal research, teaching, testing, care and handling as defined by this policy and accompanying procedure. Supervisors are responsible for implementing this policy with individuals under their supervision and ensuring these individuals receive animal exposure training and education.

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Send completed forms to Occupational Medicine, 201 Plageman Building.

At the time of initial enrollment in the program, print and complete the following questionnaire:

On a yearly basis print and complete this questionnaire:

Fill this form out if you are a non-OSU employee, hold a courtesy or affiliate appointment, or are a volunteer, working on an OSU-approved research project: