Scientific Diving

Overseen by the OSU Diving Safety Officer (DSO), any university employee conducting scientific diving under the auspices of OSU, must undergo a medical examination signed by the examining physician.

Required tests are reviewed, cleared, and initialed by the examining physician and submitted to the DSO. For more information, please see the Office of Research Integrity's Scientific Diving page.

Medical Evaluation of Fitness for SCUBA Diving Report (PDF)

Diving Medical History Form for Participants (PDF)

Polar Research

For those venturing to polar and high-latitudes for research, Occupational Medicine provides medical screening and examinations to ensure physical qualification.

Please bring paperwork specific to your appointment.

Formaldehyde Exposure Medical Monitoring

Oregon State University’s Formaldehyde Safety Plan is designed to inform employees and students of potential dangers associated with workplace exposure. Procedures are specified for regulatory compliance and for protection of employee’s safety and health. The intent of this program is to ensure the safety of individuals that work with or around formaldehyde, formalin, formaldehyde solutions, or any materials that release formaldehyde.

Employees who work in areas at or above the Action Level (0.5ppm) or the STEL (2ppm) are required to have a questionnaire reviewed by Occupational Health annually, as identified by EHS. All employees exposed at or above those levels for 15 minutes or longer, will be required to also be enrolled in Respirator User Surveillance program.

Silica Exposure

In accordance with OSHA as of July 1, 2018, physical examinations must be offered to all employees with occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica. This applies to all that meet the action level means concentration of airborne respirable crystalline silica of 25 μg/m3, calculated as an 8-hour TWA. For more information, please see OSHA's silica standard (PDF, external site).


According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), medical examinations are conducted by a designated physician, known as a civil surgeon.

Please schedule the medical examination as close as possible to the time you file for adjustment of status and obtain immunization records before your appointment. Allow sufficient time for laboratory testing or additional testing required under CDC’s Technical Instructions.

For more information, please visit the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.


If you have any questions regarding additional medical clearances or requirements not listed, please email [email protected] or call 541-737-7566.