Please send completed forms to Occupational Health Services in Plageman Building, Room 103.

Animal Exposure

Oregon State Employees

When you enroll in the program, download this form to your computer. Complete, print, and send it to us.

Then, on a yearly basis, please complete and send this form to us:


Non-OSU Employees

If you are a non-OSU employee, hold a courtesy or affiliate appointment, or are a volunteer working on an OSU-approved research project, complete this initial form instead:

Then, on a yearly basis, complete and send this form to us:

Epinephrine Auto-Injectors Acquisition

Submit via the online Auto-Injector Device Request Form with attached proof of current OHA certification. You will hear back from Occupational Health within 2 weeks. Please also send an email to o[email protected] to ensure that your request was received or for any further questions you may have. 

Noise Exposure
Physical Examinations